Re-Tarde was formed in October 2015 in Eichstätt, which is a small town in rural Bavaria in southern Germany. Despite the fact that the band-members were born in four different countries, they ended up in the same place in the middle of nowhere, primarily due to its University.


Even though the band-members mainly dwell in rural areas, the sound of the band is quite urban. Inspired by a wide range of musical styles, Re-Tarde has galvanized an unusually diverse repertoire based around a retro-punk sound with post-punk gothic and metal infusions.


The name Re-Tarde has been derived from the French thinker Gabriel de Tarde (1843-1904), who became famous for his theory of imitation. The pre-fix “Re-“ points out that creativity does not come out of the blue, but emerges from that which is believed to be its opposite: repetition.


By repeating the now 50 year of tradition of punk-rock, Re-Tarde purports to be neither authentic nor fake, neither cynical nor naïve, neither ironic nor serious, neither original nor cliché. Rejecting any kind of simplistic opposition, heroic self-valorization or self-negation, Re-Tarde does not “do” identity but plays music; it does not “do” genres but bends them; and it does not “do” politics but politicizes.


The usual themes of sex, drugs, religion, politics, mental illness, self-destruction and love are not being eschewed, reinvented or elevated, but instead mixed up in an endless stream of consciousness that is let loose by a combination of beats, tones and words.


The heroes of Re-Tarde are, among others: The Stooges, Velvet Underground, Joy Division, Led Zeppelin, White Stripes, Gojira, Amon Amarth, Metallica, Rise Against, Finch, Jack Off Jill, Three Days Grace and Bullet For My Valentine.


Re-Tarde are:

Rémy Bocquillon: Guitar and Vocals

Alex Freund: Drums, Bass and Vocals

Anna Van Loon: Drums, Percussion and Vocals

Claire Van Loon: Keyboard and Synthesizer

Joost van Loon: Bass and Lead Vocals







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